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Manufacturing Excellence

Vitromed Healthcare owns 2 state-of- the-art plants located in Jaipur with over 11500 square meter. The Sitapura plant houses manufacturing sections at each floor fed with utility service from the floor above.

These sections facilitate Moulding & Tool Room along with an area for finished products storage. The moulding section comprises 29 injection moulding machines of different tonnage and extrusion. The equipment installed is of modern technology with latest configuration of PLC Controls.

The Bias Godam plant has a centralized utilities / engineering section with D.G. sets, Compressed air system, HVAC system and Purified water generation & distribution system for catering the need of the production sections.

Research & Innovation

The organization has a well-equipped laboratory, which performs series of visual, physical, chemical & bacteriological tests & inspection at each pertinent stage in the production cycle- from the raw material to the finished product. All products are manufactured in Clean Rooms controlled environment using best technology and trained personnel. The products are packed and sterilized in-house using computerized EO (Ethylene Oxide). The whole process is controlled automatically by a computer. The sterilized and packed products are Non-toxic, Pyrogen free and Sterile for the duration indicated on individual packaging. Special batch numbers are given to ensure traceability.