Press Release

Date: February 3, 2021

Sanitizer and mask distribution

Today Vitromed Healthcare distributed 31000 sanitizers and 17000 masks in 143 schools with the help of Sri Jain Shvetambar Women’s Organization C-Scheme, in collaboration with Vitromed Healthcare.

“This included schools from Chaumu, Dosa, Banswara and Jaipur”, said Ms. Mukulika Baid. The Women’s organization has been distributing uniforms, stationary, sweaters, etc. from time to time in Government schools. Former Chief Justice Sri N.K. Jain and CII Rajasthan’s Chairman, Mr. Vishal Baid presided over the program. Other eminent names present during the program included President Neeru Pugliya and Vice President Sarita Daga of the Women’s organization, Sri J.K.Baid, Founder of Vitromed, Assembly Speaker, Mr. Naresh Mehta and many officers from the education department.